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Focused Exclusively on The Needs of Our Clients

At Kia M. Wrice Esq., LLC, we help clients effectively resolve their legal problems and move forward with their lives in a positive direction. Attorney Kia M. Wrice has years of experience and a long history of helping clients get the best possible outcome. We can help you with a variety of legal problems, including issues related to personal injury, family law, divorce, DUI, and traffic crime violations. Contact our Columbus office now to get immediate help in a free consultation by calling today.

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We Fight for Clients, No Matter the Challenges of Their Case

Kia M. Wrice prides herself on her focus on not backing down from difficult cases and not hesitating to take cases to the courtroom if it helps her clients. She will thoroughly examine every detail of your case and create a personalized legal strategy for your case. You will work closely with Kia M. Wrice throughout your case and get answers directly from her.

We help clients with a variety of legal issues, including:

  • Divorce, child custody, asset division, and other family law matters
  • Injuries sustained from a car accident, slip and fall on a dangerous property and other accidents caused by another’s negligence
  • The defense of your civil rights for traffic violations and charges of driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol

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You can get answers to your questions by talking to us in a free consultation. Our office represents clients in Columbus and throughout central Ohio. Contact us now by calling or by filling out the contact form.